Ultimate Self Defense

  What would you do if you become the
victim of a violent attack?  How would you
defend yourself if you were being beaten, mugged or sexually
assaulted by a brutal attacker?

 The answer is to be prepared with a knowledge of Martial Arts,
one of the oldest and most powerful forms of self defense know
to man.

 This video shows you how to master some basic Kung Fu, Muay
Thai, and Ju Jitsu close quarter techniques to help you protect

 Top instructors demonstrate how to deliver highly effective
counter blows with hands, elbows, knees and feet.

 The DVD also includes an illuminating question and answer
session with beginners covering the psychology of attack and

 Don’t become another defenseless victim.  Learn how to protect
yourself from attack before it’s too late. 
Runtime ~
51 minutes




SH 308

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