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The Low Carb Marketing

On the surface, the low carbohydrate diet seems to make sense.
If you eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, there’s
nothing left to burn except fat. Following a low carb diet, strictly,
will cause a reduction in body weight but the majority of weight
loss is water and muscle. And of course, to get the best results
you’ll need to start buying low carb “potions”,
low carb drinks, low carb cookbooks, and a healthy dose of expensive
supplements – if you want the “best results”.

Most people who attempt the low carb diet buy a book but don’t
read it carefully. They skip right to the section that tells them
all of the foods they CAN eat like steaks, butter, mayonnaise,
seafood, poultry, cheese – they are pleasantly surprised – so
they start eating. Most seem to miss the paragraph that says the
goal is to restrict calories to less than 1600 a day. Yes you can
eat those foods but if you don’t lower your calories you
won’t lose weight. If you eat more food than your body needs
you’ll end up gaining weight.

The urine testing strips that are familiar to anyone who’s
tried the low carb diet usually end up being more deceptive than
helpful. Forcing your body into ketosis is the goal and if you
do your testing strips will turn purple – and the darker
the better. What most people don’t realize is that even though
the strips turn purple they can still be eating in excess of 4000
calories a day – and gaining weight. The testing strips only
tell you if you’re in ketosis – and being in ketosis
is not the same as losing weight. Think about it – diabetics
suffer from ketosis and how many slim diabetics do you know?

When you eliminate carbs from your diet your body will respond
with cravings so intense that hardly anyone can stand up to them.
One bite of something sweet contains enough carbs to supply your
body’s needs for two or three days. Two bites a week and
you’ll never get anywhere. Even worse is that low carb fat
loss is accompanied by a metabolic slowdown that can be permanent
in many cases. Once you integrate carbs back into your diet you’ll
gain back every pound you lost – and usually a few more.
Your metabolism will be slower and losing weight will be even more
difficult for the rest of your life.

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