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I am Beth Siragusa and I have dedicated my life’s work in service to this planet. From the time I was a small child I knew that I was meant to make this world a better place by making a positive impact in the lives of others.

I have always and continue to do advanced work to bring out my best self, so that I may empower others to move forward in better health.

I invite both ” and ” alike to embrace their inner Goddess which nurtures and enlivens your life so you may reach your full potential and blossom!

I received my Health Coach training from the “, where I became well versed in more than one hundred dietary theories and integrated a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods.

Drawing upon this knowledge, I help you create your own personalized “roadmap to health” which suits your body, lifestyle, and goals.

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holistic approach to .

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Beth Siragusa is also the owner of ” 

New Paradigm Business Coaching, Consulting & Support

for Passionate Professionals craving Balance!

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