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‘A’ Level Physics Podcast Series

Welcome to the ‘A’ level Physics Podcast Series, supporting the UK ‘A’ Level Physics syllabus, for you to listen to, whether at home or on the move.
These podcast series are aimed at students studing GCE ‘A’ Level syllabuses, students in higher education (e.g. University) who wish to refresh their knowledge base, or simply for those wishing to increase their general knowledge.

Much of the material for this podcast series is taken from the Wikimedia Foundation, under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License.

To begin listening to this Physics ‘A’ Level Podcast Series, either subscribe to the RSS Feed below or click an individual podcast lecture from the menu list below. Alternatively right click the ‘play’ option and save as.. to download to your computer or device.

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No Title Length Notes Play Updated
Unit 0: Introduction to the Course and Physics
1 An Introduction to the Physics ‘A’ Level Course 4m 14s x Play 19-Oct-11
2 An Introduction to Physics 30m 47s x Play 27-Oct-11
Unit 1: Particles, Quantum Phenomena and Electricity
Chapter 1: Particles and Radiation
3 Lecture 1: An Introduction to Particle Physics 14m 58s x Play 21-Nov-11
4 Lecture 2: Constituents of the Atom 45m 23s x Play 24-Nov-11
5 Lecture 3: Stable and Unstable Nuclei ??? x x Expected 1-Dec

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