Teaching without the stress of discipline problems

When I go subbing to new schools, I always notice that many teachers complain of the stress of teaching and how many discipline problems they have in their classrooms.

First, new and seasoned teachers who are just starting to build a relationship with students in the classroom are frustrated that they can’t really teach and the discipline problems simply wear them down.

Almost always they end up reporting students’ behavior in the hallways and in the teacher’s lounge.

And they are also frustrated by the stress of just thinking “how can I improve the standards of student achievement if I have so many discipline problems in my class?”

Many of these teachers need a deeper focus/plan for their classroom management and classroom organization because they they relate to 1-2 smaller discipline related incidents and turn them into classroom issues by putting too much attention on them during the lesson.

But, by far, the most common stress I’ve noticed is how to take control of the issue without it taking control over their teaching careers.

The teachers I talk with almost always question how they can really teach some of their students who are problems even though we both know that reporting them is not always the solution.

If you’re a new teacher trying to sink or survive and you are feeling constantly frustrated, then you’re not alone. Every new teacher experiences these issues. Every seasoned teacher sometimes feels like a new teacher. All over again.

The difference I’ve noticed between teachers who spend more time disciplining and those who teach and nurture positive student-teacher relationships, is that the successful teachers find ways to connect to their students and never get to a point where these problems constantly interfere with their teaching and classroom management plans.

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