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DigitalEve UK believes one of the most empowering opportunities we can offer women is the chance to simply meet other women in the field of digital technology and new media, and learn from them.

Our purpose is to offer resources, services and benefits to DigitalEve UK’s members in support of DigitalEve International’s global mission to help women succeed in using Internet technologies to enrich their personal and professional lives.

Our membership includes a range of women: programmers, designers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, executives, and marketers. By joining DigitalEve UK, you have access to all their cumulative experience. You also have access to their companies, job leads, and contacts. But most importantly, you have their support.

DigitalEve UK offers three kinds of networking:

  • active, vibrant discussion lists via email, free to any participant;
  • monthly meetings where you can meet virtual friends face-to-face and learn from inspiring speakers; and
  • access to DigitalEve International, with international Special Interest Group lists and organisation-wide conferences and exchanges.

DigitalEve UK discussion lists support our groups in London (which is also the national DE-UK list), Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Leeds and Scotland. For more info on DigitalEve UK groups contact our Development Deva at [email protected]

To join any of our DigitalEve UK discussion lists, simply complete the application form below.

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