Urban Artist INKIE
leaks his secrets to SSS…
Graffer Inkie has been a dominant force on the urban art scene for over 20 years. Originally from Bristol but
now an adopted Londoner, Inkie has turned his artistic affections to graphic and clothing design as well as
a full-time role as Head of Creative Design at SEGA.

His images are visually stunning with tremendous use of colour, panache and intricate designs. A force to
be reckoned with on the international graffiti scene, Inkie was also recently featured in Keinom’s
masterpiece, Graffiti World. This friendly Bristol Boy spent time with SSS and told us what makes him tick…

When did you begin to graffiti?
In 1984 over 20 years ago
Do you still feel like an excited kid who does his first tags?
I still get the same feeling of excitement as when i first started, If I
walk through a heavily graffitied are I will take twice as long as I’m
constantly clocking the styles that people are putting up.. looking for
fresh sh*t.
What are your current art projects?
Clothing ranges, Screen prints, rugs, pottery and
maybe some woodcarving / stonecarving.
I also want to write a book on the history of
Japanese videogaming graphics and it’s influence
on Western graphic design.
You said that you are addicted to graffiti. Some writers even say
that it’s better that sex! Tell me more about you addiction..
Any true writer is addicted to the buzz of Graffiti as the art form is
everywhere. Every time I see good graffiti or any form of artistic
expression involving shapes and stylisation, I just want to draw
and do better stuff. Graffiti and sex are completely different so
you couldn’t compare… I wouldn’t f**k a wild style, but i might f**k
one up!
What do you think about the whole graffiti
movement?What is so special about this
business that thousands of kids start to
paint graffiti everyday?
Graffiti is the most accessible art form out
there… not everyone can affords canvases
and oil paints, but you can get a pen or
spraycan and create something to inspire
yourself and others very easily. It is also the
only form of art that is deemed ‘cool’ with
kids who wouldn’t normally be encouraged
to draw and be creative.
You grew up in Bristol. How did the surroundings effect you?
It’s a beautiful Georgian city with a very creative outlook/attitude
tucked away from the rest of UK and has a lot of good cider, weed &
mushrooms. That helped 🙂 By going to Exhibitions and updating my
art data banks. The styles used in Graffiti are everywhere from street
signs to plants to ancient temples. The key is to combine all of these
mentally and freestyle your ideas out in your design.
Who inspired you back in the day and who inspires
you now?
I get motivated by good art & design (natural or
man-made) be it a Building, Flower or a movement.
Inspired by:
Futurism / Mayan art / Architecture / Art Nouveau /
Classcial Greek architecture /  Asian typography /
Calligraphy / William Morris / Cheese plants / Walter
Kandinsky / Miro / Rick Leonardi / Bill Sienwickz /
Edward Burnes-Jones / John Byrne / Ian Gibson /
Jean 13 / Slick & Risky / Bates & Romance / Get /
Dondi / Hex / Haze / Phase 2 / Skeme / Noc / Seen /
Brim & Bio (TAT Cru) / Lokiss / Delta / Shoe / Ash 2 /
Meo / Jon 156 / Snug / Chu / Part 2 / Roughe / 3D /
Goldie & Desire / Skam & Cazbee / TCA (Pride / Mode2
/ Zaki D) / Juice / Crise / Solo One / Banksy / Will
Barras / Feek / FLX / Jinx / Nick Walker /  Mr. Jago /
Richard Scarry / Maurice Sendak / Futura / Vulcan /
Swifty / Neville Brody / My Dad! My Girlfriend and my
How did you first get involve
with designing at SEGA?
By chance I was in London
working as a designer at
Start Design and I started
freelancing for them during
the launch of Dreamcast
and gradually worked my
way into the company. I
also worked at Xbox as
head of European Print
Publishing for 2 and a half
What do you think of exhibiting graffiti in art
galleries? Don’t you think that it’s a false in
Street Art / illustrations on canvases are cool
but when someone tries to do a street
wildstyle etc on a canvas I think it can look
wrong. These should be painted on walls. I
have seen some good examples of art in
galleries though -like when Banksy took a
brick wall and placed it in a gallery. That is how
it should be done.
Who are the hottest young graffiti writers
or illustrators to look out for?
Totem (TAT cru), Will Barras, O.Two &
She1, Snug, Dreph, Daim, Mode2 (Still!!!),
Steph, Insa & Ethel, Astek, Dalek, Joker.

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