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You know why docs are so much against the HBP? It’s all about taking responsibility, what they avoid like the plague. Why? Because each patient with HBP that appears in their office has to be written down. What’s more, if the HBP won’t decrease for a longer period of time, for instance a year, it may cause some serious complications, and nobody want to be responsible for that. Since HBP can rarely be cured, only controlled, doctors don’t want to get involved in long-lasting treatments. At the beginning they will prescribe you some traditional blood pressure medications, like for example water pills. If it won’t help, they will try prescribing hundreds of other meds, and treat U like a guinea-pig. Finally they will find something what will ease the pain. Sometimes this process takes a year or more, but it happens that people find a proper pill at their first or second time. In my case, it was for the third time that I’ve found a good and effective med. Unfortunately, we inherit HBP after our parents, or grands, who don’t necessarily had to have heart problems, or died from the heart attack. Back to my disc, I will have a selective nerve root injected. No comments please! I’ve heard enough terrifying stories about such surgeries. The only thing that makes me smile now is the physical therapy, which I will have after the injection. The previous jerk-doc, didn’t even look at my Magnetic Resonance Imaging, hence, he didn’t bother about me having some physical exercises. Deisy! Forget about the BP! It’s not like back problems that are so hard to solve. Enjoy your weekend! Best regards for all Moms reading this!

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