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Feedback from your event can provide the most valuable insight for creating future events or meetings. Through email surveys, delegate feedback and comments, registration info and other sources Eclipse has the capability to provide actionable intelligence towards improving your events in the long run. For our own review and for your benefit, we can provide these services to ensure that your events have the desired impact every time.


Events in all shapes and forms can provide some of the most memorable
and positive experiences a company has to offer, and provide an excellent opportunity to highlight
and document the human side of an organization. In order to capture the magic and excitement of an
event, and leverage the positive impact it creates for your company we offer a variety of products and

We can arrange for photo and video documentation for you, and provide these to your attendees via dvd or on the web. Some services can be provided live, such as daily updates to a dedicated website, for those who couldn’t make it, or after an event, in the form of a “memory package,” distributed to attendees after an event highlighting the most relevant aspects of the experience.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. What is for certain is, that these multimedia offerings will prolong the afterglow of the experience and will provide positive memories for you and your company well into the future.

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