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TV SOMALILAND EUROPE Tv Somaliland Europe Producer (Mr Ali Ibrahim Mohamed )

TV Somaliland Europe waxaad kala soconkartaa
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waliba wargeesyada aduunka.



This Press Release is
to inform the media of
Somaliland and Somalilanders that from 12.00 am to
8.00 pm on Wednesday 25th June 2003 hundreds of
Somalilanders will be lobbying in the big hall at the
House of Commons in London. They will meet there with
their constituency MP’s and request the recognition of
Somaliland by her Majesty’s Government and Parliament.


During February we contacted many diplomats of various
embassies to gain support from these nations for the
international recognition of Somaliland.


Now that Somaliland
completed a peaceful democratic
presidential election in April that was watched by the
international community it adds to the pressure on the
international community to recognise Somaliland.


All the Somaliland
communities in the European Union
and those in Canada and America and elsewhere will be
notified that there will be similar activities
arranged in their respective countries in the future.


The President of
Somaliland, Mr Kahin, has made it
clear to all diplomats that he wishes Somaliland to
join the Commonwealth once recognition is gained.


For further information
or queries please contact Dr
Duhod as indicated in the details at the foot of the


On behalf of the
President of Somaliland



Dr. Omer Duhod

Special envoy for
the recognition of Somaliland

[email protected]

London, UK.


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