Breast Tumor Healing – Beyond Chemo and Radiation

Cancer is a dreaded disease and it has become very common in recent times. The cure to cancer is a long procedure but there are other key elements other than chemo and radiation that play a pivotal role in any kind of tumor especially breast tumor healing.

The first important factor to complete healing process is the need to maintain a good immune system. We all might be now aware of the truth that our possess cancer cells throughout the course of our life. The immune system of the body ideally recognizes it and kills it. So the growth of a cancer cells directly pin points at a weak immune system. The reasons for the depreciation of the immune cells can be due to various reasons like tension, anemia, infection, injury and exposure to radiation. Toxic body environment can be another cause of tumor development.

On a closer look, cancer development is like a warning from the body. The toxic environment in the body induces the growth of the tumor cells and destroys the healthy cells. It can be seen like a cry from the body pointing that the internal environment is destructive for the body. Chemo and radiation may not be able to complete stomach tumor healing process as the basic problem of the body balance is not considered. This can spark the recurrence of the cancer even after all the tiring procedures as the basic issues that caused the cancer growth still remains the same.

Healing process will have to aim at the root cause of the growth and maintaining a good and lifestyle hitting right at the reasons that caused the activation of the otherwise inactive tumor cells. Proper post cancer treatment counseling is very essential for the patient to realize this and follow the proper regime to prevent a re-surfacing of the condition. Diet has to be ideally created preventing junk foods, excess sugars and other unwanted elements maintaining the normal blood element levels. Exercising regularly is required to maintain a healthy body and mind and, yoga can be a good alternative. The emotional and mental state of the person plays a very important role in keeping up the good spirits and total well being of the patient. Cell renewal and ideally functioning immune system play key roles to cancer healing process.

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