The Effects of Smoking on Menopause

Women who smoke tend to go through menopause at an earlier-than-average age. The changes of the menopause transition (perimenopause) begin about 6 years before the natural menopause. This is a time when the levels of hormones produced by the aging ovaries fluctuate leading to irregular menstrual patterns (irregularity in the length of the period, the time between periods, and the level of flow) and hot flashes (a sudden warm feeling with blushing).

While menopause is a universal experience for women, testosterone does not decline in all men. Other factors besides aging, like obesity or injury, are associated with low testosterone. Menopause relief does not have to come from synthetic hormone replacement therapy. If you are concerned about the side effects of HRT, consider the natural help with menopause our products can provide. This hot flash and menopause treatment is made up of vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant. It is known to relieve hot flashes and perimenopause vaginal dryness.

In years past a blood test called the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) was drawn to determine if a woman was in menopause. However, studies and experience have shown that testing the FSH levels in a woman who has not gone one full year without a period, is of no significant value. A hot flash is a menopause symptom that gives a sudden feeling of heat in the upper part or all of your body. Your face and neck become flushed. After menopause starts, your bones lose calcium (a mineral needed for strong bones). This causes your bones to become thinner.

Women after 55 years of age, especially after menopause, are more prone to breast cancer. Additionally, a thyroid test may be in order as hypothyroidism can cause some of the same symptoms as menopause. The period during which estrogen levels are dropping but the woman is still menstruating is called perimenopause or premenopause. The point at which the estrogen level has declined enough so that menstruation stops is called menopause.

When a full year has passed without a period, menopause is considered official. When I was five my father was forty-two and going through what I’ve now come to recognize as the male menopause passage. As a child I didn’t know what was happening; only that he became increasingly irritable and withdrawn. While the Amberen regimen is simple, menopause itself can be a confusing time for many women. That’s why we have a team of expert nurses to help you with answers.

The problem of hot flashes is experienced by many women undergoing menopause. Until recent years, the main treatment offered, was the hormonal replacement therapy. Around menopause, a woman’s menstrual cycles may become less regular. After menopause, you should not have any bleeding. Talk to your care providers about how to best manage menopause. Make sure they know your medical history and your family medical history, including whether you are at risk for heart disease, osteoporosis, or breast cancer.

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