Cancer signs & symptoms

It is essential to have cancer screening and risk assessment for cancer prevention and early detection. Some types of cancer do not present any symptoms until they are in advanced stages. Keep in mind that these are very general, vague symptoms of cancer.

A broad spectrum of non-specific cancer symptoms may include persistent chronic fatigue, it is usually more common when the cancer is advanced, but still occurs in the early stages of some cancers. Unintentional weight loss, losing 10 pounds or more unintentionally definitely warrants a visit to the doctor. Typically, pain is not an early symptom of cancer, except in some cancer types like those that spread to the bone. A fever is a very non-specific symptom of many mild to severe conditions, including cancer. If you experience constipation, diarrhoea, blood in the stools, gas, thinner stools, or just a general overall change in bowel habits, see your doctor. And a persistent, new cough or a cough that won’t go away or becomes worse needs to be evaluated by a doctor.

I remember a story of a widow young lady whose husband died with nasopharyngeal cancer. She related that her husband was healthy and busy with their business; it is rare for her husband to get sick. He does his endeavours regularly and no other sign that he was sick. There was no sign or symptoms that reflected on his husband. There were no changes physically or even her husband doesn’t complain any pain or discomfort. They didn’t notice unusual changes in his health until his husband felt a little pain in his jaw and suddenly he had difficulties when he opens his mouth. They found out that cancer is in stage 4 already. After a couple of months his husband health deteriorated until he died after one year of treatment. Before he died the doctor recommend to stop the treatment & the patient undergo with pain management system. It is unusual that some cancer has no signs and symptoms and when you feel something unusual, you will be surprised that you have cancer. That is why regular medical check up is very important for early detection of any diseases. Having one sign or symptom may be not enough to figure out what causing it. Sometimes, a patient’s signs and symptoms still don’t give the doctor enough clues to figure out the cause of an illness. Then medical tests may be needed.

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