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Dear Sir / Madame,

To help you easily buy from our internet shop Drogeria SOLID, we present below some important information.

The amounts on the page are given in Polish zlotys.

Please note that the price of the shipment during ordering and later  in the email is approximate. After make an order please wait so we can calculate the exact cost of Your order. It depends on the weight of products ordered and the country where it will be sent.

For the amount you must add 8 zł, which is the cost of change the currency in our bank. There is also possibility to change the currency in Your national bank into Polish zloty and do the transfer in Polish zloty. Then You don’t have to pay for the currency conversion.

The overall cost = fee for the product + shipment + currency conversion.

We will send a package as soon as we make an entry on bank account.
The delivering of the package can last around a few days.

All Your questions and doubts please send on our email:
We will answer on every e-mail.

Data to transfer:
F.H. „SOLID” Ewa Klebach
ul. Piłsudskiego 7
42-500 Będzin

Please direct payment to the account numer below:

ING Bank Śląski
11 1050 1227 1000 0090 9541 8183 - for national transactions

ING Bank Śląski
PL 11 1050 1227 1000 0090 9541 8183 - for foreign transactions

IBAN: PL 11 1050 1227 1000 0090 9541 8183


In the transfer, please enter the order ID number of received mail.


Best regards,
Drogeria SOLID.